Pinball Displays, Classic

PinScore Classic LED Displays bring the latest display technology to your pinball machine while retaining the original factory look of Plasma displays.  Featuring customized LED module blocks produced exclusively for PinScore, and utilize the latest generation LED chemsitries for over twice the efficiency of standard off-the-shelf LED blocks. 

Each individual LED module is "binned" to tight specifications ensuring a consistent brightness and color spectrum to provide the closest match to the classic "plasma orange" look. 

PS-2518-216-Digit LED Display for common Bally/Stern pinball machines.



The PS-2518-58 LED Display is a drop-in replacement for common Bally/Stern 6-digit displays.



For use in Williams System 11A, 11B, and some Data East Version 2 games.



This combination set consists of 5 PinScore™ PS-2518-21 (6-digit) display modules.



LED Display module set with (4) 7-digit displays and (1) 6-digit display. 



LED Display module set with (4) 7-digit displays and (2) 6-digit displays. 



LED Display module set with (7) 6-digit displays for Six Million Dollar Man. 


PS-10877-PLED Display for Williams System 11 pinball machines. 

Download this file (PS-10877-P LED Display for Williams System 11.pdf)PS-10877-P Datasheet[PS-10877-P Datasheet]340 Kb

LED Display System for Bally Harley Davidson and Dr. Dude (WPC 89)



For Williams MILLIONAIRE pinball machine



LED Display System for Bally / Williams System 11C pinball machines.



LED Display system for The Machine: Bride of Pinbot and Funhouse.


PS-12232-P16LED Display System for Williams System 11B & C games.



LED Display System For Williams® TAXI and POLICE FORCE pinball machines.



For the Williams System 11c RIVERBOAT GAMBLER game.



LED Display System for Williams F-14 TOMCAT (early production models only)


PS-10877-BR-frontThe PS-10877-BR system is designed to replace the two board assembly used in the Williams System 11b game Banzai Run.


PS-10749-SLED display system for Williams/United System 9 and 11b Shuffle Alley machines. 


PS-10749-P_litWilliams System 9 LED Replacement Displays


PS-8363-PLED display system for Williams System 6a, 7, and 9 games.


The PS-8000-S system is designed to replace Williams System 3, 4, 6, and 9 master display and slave display assemblies for Shuffle Alleys.


ps-8000-pLED display system for Williams System 3, 4, and 6 pinball machines.



Alphanumeric LED Displays for Bally/Midway 6803 Pinball Machines.


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